Awely – Women’s Business


Code: EDA-AJ1820/19
Medium: Polymer acrylic on linen
Size: 52cm x 82cm


Agnes Jones‘s inspiration for her paintings is derived from her knowledge of Awely or women’s business.  These are ceremonies associated with women’s social structure and ritual knowledge.

The women paint their upper bodies for these ceremonies and ‘sing’ for the young girls to guide them to womanhood. The designs which are painted on the breasts and upper torsos of the women are the source of inspiration for Agnes’s paintings. She is looking at the body paint of the women in ceremony from an aerial perspective.

Indigenous artist, Agnes Jones lives on Utopia (Urapuntja) in central Australia with her family and sisters’ families. Her sisters Jilly, Loretta and Rhonda are also artists and work part time at the Utopia school.