Carmen Pitjara Jones

Skin: Pitjara
Language Group: Alywarr
Region: Irrultja Utopia, NT.
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Dreaming: Bush Onion Dreaming

Carmen Pitjara Jones lives with her partner and child at Irrultja, Utopia. Carmen comes from a line of distinguished artists who include Joy Kngwarreye Jones and Freddy Kngwarreye Jones, and Charlie Petyarre Jones.

Carmen’s mother told her stories concerning the origins of the bush onion, and therefore Carmen is entitled to tell the Bush Onion Dreaming stories through her paintings.

In her work she depicts the Bush Onion plant growing in profusion after the summer rains. The small tubers which form on short stolons are a traditional bush tucker food for Australian Aborigines. They are dug up on creek banks when the grass of the onion has dried out. The husk can also be eaten. They are eaten raw or cooked in the hot earth by the fire. The Bush Onion’s characteristics include fine grassy foliage and triangular culms.

  • 2014: Prairie Hotel, Parachilna, South Australia